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Coconut King Organic MCT Oil 500ml

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Coconut King Organic MCT Oil 500ml

Coconut King MCT Oil is the only organic certified MCT Oil in the Philippines. Other brands use Methanol in their extraction process which is a highly toxic substance when ingested.

Coconut King proudly highlight on its label, “no Methanol or Hexane used in processing”. MCT Oil is derived from coconut oil and is one of the healthiest oils in the world. It can be an important source of quick energy for those who are on diet and could also induce satiety with its fast digestion. MCT Oil is suitable for the elderly and diabetic people who are unable to consume too much glucose.

It is relatively easier to drink or consume as it is tasteless. Everyone can use MCT Oil, across all ages and classes.

USAGE: Consume straight. It can also be mixed with rice, drinks, salad, etc. It is best to start with 1tbsp. a day. Slowly ramping up to 2tbsps. then to 3tbsps. per day before meal or after.

Sysu International Inc. is the exclusive distributor of Coconut King in the Philippines.

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