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Shipping Policy

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Order Processing Hours

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Clara Olé

What is the ratio of Pesto pasta sauce to 1kg pasta?

For 1kg cooked pasta, it’s 2 to 3 packs of pesto. It also depends on the other ingredients to be mixed with the pasta

Are your products vegan?

Is Dip it Good Cheddar Cheese really sour?

Yes, the Cheddar Cheese has a slight sour flavor to it.  Aside from adding flavor, the slight acidity helps in keeping the product fresh and stable.

What is the ratio of the Barbecue Marinade to 1kg meat?

1 pack of Barbecue Marinade is good for 1kg meat.

How to read packaging?

DDMMMYY.  The additional number/letter is part of the batch code.

Does any of our product contain pork?

We do not have pork in any of our products.

How long can I put in refrigerator once opened?

Best to consume after opening. In case of unused portions, place immediately in airtight container and store in chiller or freezer to preserve product quality.

OPENED products in original packaging must be consumed immediately. Depending on storage conditions, if stored in chiller, product may last up to 7 days. But best to consume within 3 days. 

PRODUCT IN AIRTIGHT CONTAINER  (ex: Tupperware with lid, or any plastic container with lid sealed properly) stored in chiller can last up to 2 weeks depending also on storage conditions. But still it is recommended to consume within 3 days.

Do Sugar Free jams really have soft texture?

The sugar free variants are soft set compared to our regular jams.  This characteristic is due to being sugar free. 

If you are not satisfied with the sugar free variant, we can replace your purchase with the regular variant.  

But to be sure, we hope you may allow us to check how soft it is set so we can check with the standard. With your permission, may we recover the product so our Quality assurance may validate.

How many pieces of cherries in 1 bottle? Does it have stem?

Maraschino Cherries have stem. For 280g, it has 25 to 33 pieces of cherries. While for 1050g, it has 90-120 pieces. 

La Española

Is it cold-pressed olive oil?

La Española Extra Virgin Olive Oil undergo a cold extraction process. This method gives the oil a high acidity level, which is what makes La Española Extra Virgin Olive Oil perfect for dressing and seasoning.

What is the difference between pomace olive oil and pure olive oil?

La Española Pomace Olive Oil is light in texture, colour and flavor. It's the healthier alternative when it comes to baking compared to butter and other oils!

La Española 100% Pure Olive Oil is high quality refined olive oil blended with extra virgin olive oil with the most advance techniques in the sector, increasing the properties and the quality of the olive oil. Best used as dressing, sauce, or marinade. Also best for sauteing and frying.

Is it halal-certified?

La Espanola products are halal-certified.

Is this the olive oil used in cooking pasta?

Yes, you may use it for cooking.

What is the difference between the PET bottle and the glass one on the grade of olive oil?

There is no difference in oil quality. Glass bottle have nozzle while PET bottle does not have.

Lee Kum Kee

Where do Lee Kum Kee products came from?

Lee Kum Kee products came from Xinhui, China and Malaysia.

Is Lee Kum Kee Panda Oyster Sauce made from real oyster or oyster flavored?

It is made of oyster extracts that are made from 100% finest fresh oysters.

Can Lee Kum Kee Panda Oyster Sauce be used for marinade?

Yes, you may use Lee Kum Kee Panda Brand Oyster Sauce as marinade for different protein options.

What is the difference between Lee Kum Kee Premium Soy Sauce and Soy Sauce?

Premium Soy Sauce is made from premium ingredients and has a mellow aftertaste and distinct aroma. Soy Sauce is highly aromatic, has a sweet fermented soy flavor and a balanced taste. 

Is Lee Kum Kee Premium Dark Soy Sauce same as "double fermented soy sauce"?

Lee Kum Kee Premium Dark Soy Sauce is not the same as double fermented soy sauce. It enhances the dark color of red-cooked stew and braised meat.

Is Lee Kum Kee Chili Garlic Sauce like the chili we find in chinese restaurants? How hot is it?

Yes, this is used in a variety of recipes, including Chinese recipes. Lee Kum Kee Chili Garlic Sauce is a delicious smooth crimson sauce rich with zesty garlic that is sweet and spicy at the same time. 

Tropical Fresh

How many glasses of juice in 850ml?

With Tropical Fresh Calamansi Concentrate with Honey 850ml, you can make about 36-40 glasses of Calamansi Concentrate with Honey drink depending on how it is being used to dissolve.

What is the juice consistency?

Tropical Fresh Calamansi Concentrate has low viscosity because sugar and honey are used as part of the concentrate.

What is Tropical Fresh Calamansi Concentrate with Honey's difference from other calamansi concentrate brands?

Pure calamansi is used to produce the product with honey and sugar as part of the concentrate. NO artificial color or flavor is added.

What are the benefits of Tropical Fresh Calamansi Concentrate with Honey?

Calamansi Concentrate with Honey is a functional, health drink. It boosts immunity, lowers acidity, detoxifies the body, helps in weight loss, and aids in collagen production. It also helps those with cough, cold, or flu, improves bowel movement, and relieves headaches, among others.

What are the benefits of Tropical Fresh Ginger Tea Concentrate infused with Honey and Calamansi?

Ginger is full of antioxidants that fight colds and provide better digestion. Same with calamansi and honey that aid in boosting our immunity.

What is the ratio in preparing this drink?

For a strong ginger drink, add 1 part concentrate to 6 parts water, while for a milder drink, add 1 part concentrate to 8-10 parts water. No need to add sugar, just mix it with water and drink.


What is the difference of your adlai rice from other brands?

Adlai is a delicious grain that is high in fiber, low glycemic, gluten-free and a healthier alternative to rice and pasta. Grown and cultivated by the Indigenous farmers of Bukidnon, this heirloom grain helps you lower blood sugar and cholesterol without sacrificing the feel of eating rice. It has high food energy content that keeps you fuller much longer, so you can lose weight (only 160 calories for 1 cup of 160 grams) without losing energy.

Where can we use Hineleban adlai rice?

With this versatile grain, it can be used to make paella, arroz caldo, salad, risotto, and fried rice. It can be cooked and processed as main ingredient for the all time rice-based kakanin such as maka blanca, sinukmani, champorado, polvoron, and turones de adlai to name a few.

How do I cook Hineleban adlai rice?

Proportion is 1 cup of Adlai grains to 2 cups of water and pop in a rice cooker. Rinse well prior to cooking.

What is the shelf life?

Hineleban Adlai Rice shelf life is 12 months/1 year.


What is Sagay Premium Muscovado Sugar's difference from other muscovado sugar brands?

Our distinct production process delivers dry powder-like sugar crystals, with less lumping and packed with rich caramel and molasses flavor. It allows us to filter out more of the impurities making Sagay Premium Muscovado a purer and safer product for consumers.

Where is Sagay Premium Muscovado Sugar sourced from?

Sagay Premium Muscovado Sugar is sourced from local sugarcane farms and plantations in Negros Island, Philippines. 

What are the benefits of using Sagay Premium Muscovado Sugar?

Sagay Premium Muscovado Sugar is made from non-GMO sugarcane juice, is Vegan friendly, and is Halal-certified.

Where can we use Sagay Premium Muscovado Sugar?

Sagay Premium Muscovado Sugar can be used as a direct substitute for regular sugar. Enjoy it with coffee, tea, and other beverages. It can also be used as sweeteners in desserts, sauces, and baked treats.

Coconut King

Is Coconut King made with 100% coconut oil?

Coconut King Organic Premium Coconut Cooking Oil is made from 100% pure coconut oil, Organic Certified by USDA (United States Department of Agriculture)

What are the benefits of using coconut cooking oil?

Research shows that coconut oil is trans-fat free and rich in Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA), making it safe and healthy for the heart. Coconut oil also has Lauric Acid that is naturally, anti-microbial and anti-bacterial. 

Can coconut cooking oil be used for deep frying?

It is suitable for deep frying, with neutral flavor and smell.

It is normal that coconut cooking oil became solid?

Coconut oil naturally turns solid at cold temperature. This does not affect quality. 

Is it normal that extra virgin coconut oil became solid?

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil solidifies in temperature below 25 degree celsius. This does not affect quality of the product.

What is coconut cream powder?

Coconut King instant coconut cream powder is the powder version of liquid coconut cream. It is made from fresh choice Philippine coconuts with newest spray drying and agglomeration technology to produce best soluble and aroma coconut cream powder.

How to use coconut cream powder?

Just add Coconut King instant coconut cream powder to room temperature water and mix (no need to use hot or ice water)
Thick coconut cream: 1 pack + 60ml of water
Thin coconut cream: 1 pack +300ml of water
You may also vary the amount of water depending on your taste or requirement.

How to make coconut drink using coconut cream powder?

To serve as nutritious coconut drink, one pack of 50g + 700 to 900ml of water and approx. 38 grams of sugar.

What is Coconut King MCT oil?

Coconut King MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) Oil is from pure and organic coconuts.
Best to use MCT oils: C8 & C10 Ketogenic diet.
Recommended use: Take 1 to 3 tablespoons per day after meal.
It is unflavored and odorless.

What is Coconut King Coconut Choco MCT bar?

Coconut King Premium Coconut Choco MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) Bar is a delicious thin chocolate coated bar with coconut cream filling and powered by MCT oil. 

Nature's Gift

What is Nature's Gift extra virgin coconut oil? How to use?

Nature's Gift extra virgin coconut oil is cold-pressed from fresh choice coconuts without chemicals. It has no cholesterol, no sour/burnt taste, it is water-clear. Suggested use: 1-4 tablespoons per day, usually after meal. It can be used in cooking or baking also. 

Is it normal that extra virgin coconut oil became solid?

Quality does not affect by temperature change. Solidifies below 25 degree celsius. 

Do I need to refrigerate?

Extra Virgin Coconut oil does not need to be refrigerated. 

What are the benefits in using Pure Virgin Coconut Oil Soap?

Handmade Pure Virgin Coconut Oil Soap has better moisturizing effect than regular soap. It nourishes and moisturizes skin with help of the Pure Virgin Coconut Oil Soap which comes from fresh coconuts. No other oil added.

What are the benefits in using Pure Virgin Coconut Oil Soap with Kojic Acid?

Cold Process Pure Virgin Coconut Oil Lightening Soap with Kojic Acid has better moisturizing effect than regular soap. It nourishes and moisturizes skin with help of the Pure Virgin Coconut Oil Soap which comes from fresh coconuts. It has Kojic Acid which helps lighten skin. No other oil added.


Is it made of wheat?

Balducci Pasta is made of durum wheat semolina.

How many sheets Balducci Large Instant Lasagna 250g in 1 box

10 sheets

What's the dimension of lasagna sheets?

Length: 155.0-165.0mm, Width: 115-125 mm, Wall thickness: 0.85-1.15mm

Can I still cook it in a boiling water like the other lasagna pasta? Because Im planning to do a lasagna without oven


Are your pastas halal?


Are your pastas halal?


San Remo

Is couscous the finest pasta?

San Remo CousCous is produced from the finest quality Durum Wheat milled into fine semolina. Light and delicious, San Remo CousCous is a good source of fibre,

Is gluten-free San Remo pasta also dairy free? What is the allergen info?

San Remo gluten-free pasta is gluten free, dairy free, egg free, vegan and has no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. It contains soy and may contain traces of lupin.

What is the shape of gluten free spaghetti? Is it round?

Gluten Free Spaghetti is a long string shaped pasta just like the regular Spaghetti pasta.

How many sheets San Remo Large Instant Lasagna?

There are 10 lasagna sheets in 1 box.

Do San Remo Vegeroni Spirals have bigger pieces like Balducci Fusilli?

Balducci Fusilli has bigger size compared to San Remo Vegeroni Spirals. 

Are San Remo pasta sauces good for 1 year old?

You may consult a pediatrician to make sure which foods are allowed and which are not.

San Remo/Balducci

Bugs complaint

Hi Ana!

Thank you for getting in touch with us regarding your recent purchase of San Remo pasta. We regret any disappointment and inconvenience you may have experienced because of this incident. We are dedicated to producing quality product and we appreciate having the opportunity to investigate this incident and respond to your concerns.

Weevils can be a major pest of stored grain, flour, and cereal products. All our products. Are closely watched in manufacturing and packaging stages and we also have a rigorous pest control program in place including regular monitoring by external pest control contractors to ensure that the factory is insect free at all times. Doing the manufacturing process, pasta is dried at very high temperatures which would eliminate any larvae or insects if they were present. The pasta are packed and dispatched soon after manufacture.

As many of the insects that affect stored grain, flour, and cereal products only have a 28-day life cycle which makes it unlikely that they emanated from our premises. It is most likely that the insect entered the product at a source outside our premises. Insects can penetrate the flexible packaging materials to lay eggs without the intrusion being visible to the naked eye. The distribution chain through which products pass can be quite extensive and although we liaise with retailers it can be difficult to maintain control over products once they leave the factory.

Please provide us the following details:
Contact Number:
Email Address:
Store Name and Location:
Date/Batch Codes Printed in Packaging:

Thank you for providing photos and batch codes as we further investigate on this.

As we value all feedback and concerns from our customers, we wish to thank you again for sincerely informing us. Please be assured of our concerted efforts to ensure that all our products reach our customers in excellent condition. We will be sending you a complimentary package for your enjoyment.

Many thanks,
San Remo Philippines


What are extra virgin coconut oil uses?

Prosource Extra Virgin Coconut Oil can be used as dietary supplement, for cooking and baking and for body and hair care needs.

Why does it have yellowish color?

This is very typical and is not an issue. The 1 liter bottle affects the color of the oil because of the content amount and the plastic clarity. Important thing is the test for smell and taste. If it is rancid, then it is an issue. VCO is also a natural product so color and clarity will differ at times. 

Is it cold-pressed?

Yes, it is cold-pressed.

Does it have preservative?

Prosource has no additives and no preservatives.

How to store Prosource product?

Liquid at room temperature. It may become cloudy or turn solid at temperature below 25 degree celsius or 76 degree celsius.  This does not alter its composition.


What is the difference between jelly, jam, preserves and marmalade?

JELLY is made from fruit juice. Jelly is clear and firm enough to hold its shape when turned out of its container.

JAM is made from a blend of crushed pieces of fruit and fruit puree.

PRESERVES contain whole or large pieces of fruit, making them thicker and more fruit-filled than jams or jellies.

MARMALADE is jelly with shreds of citrus fruit peel.

How long can I store a jar of your product? Do I need to refrigerate?

It is the nature of packaged food products to experience some slight color and flavor degradation during extended storage. Most of our fruit spreads and ice cream toppings have a shelf life of 24 months from the date of production.

We recommend refrigerating our fruit spreads, jams, jellies and preserves after opening, per the instructions on the back label of our products.

For maximum freshness and flavor, we do not recommend using opened products if they have been without refrigeration for more than 48 hours.

Does Smucker's preserves have chunks or bits of fruits?

Yes, it has fruit bits since this is preserves.

Can it be use as sandwich spread?

Yes, you may use the Smucker's spread anytime you need it whether you’re making a classic PB & J or a glaze for grilled chicken. 

Does the magic shell harden?

 Yes, it comes out as liquid and hardens. 

Where can I buy?

Smuckers Preserves and Crisco Shortening is available in all leading supermarket nationwide (Puregold,Shopwise,SM/Robinson Supermarket, Rustans, etc.). 


Where can I buy?

JIF Peanut Butter is available in all leading supermarket nationwide (Puregold,Shopwise,SM/Robinson Supermarket, Rustans, etc.). 

How long can I keep Jif Peanut Butter on my shelf?

Unopened and stored in a cool, dry area, Jif Peanut Butter will last for about two years (refer to the Best If Used By date). After opening, you can keep Jif Peanut Butter about three months on the pantry shelf.

Do I need to refrigerate Jif Peanut Butter?

Jif Peanut Butter does not require refrigeration.


Do I need to refrigerate Crisco Shortening?

We suggest storing Crisco shortening on the pantry shelf. If you live in a warm climate and prefer to refrigerate shortening and oil, keep in mind that refrigeration causes shortening to be firmer and oils to be thicker and look somewhat cloudy. Allowing the products to return to room temperature will bring their appearance back to normal and give you the best performance.

Can I use butter flavor crisco shortening in place of regular crisco shortening? What about shortening in place of oil?

By all means! Butter Flavor Crisco shortening performs the same as regular Crisco shortening, but adds a rich buttery flavor to foods.

Frying — Sure! Go ahead and use melted shortening for fried foods.

Salad dressing—Because shortening will resolidify when it cools, we don't recommend it as a salad topper.

Baking—Shortening can be melted and then measured according to the recipe. It should be allowed to cool slightly before adding to other ingredients.


Is this instant coffee? Does it need coffee maker? How to use without coffee maker?

Folgers is a ground coffee and best used with Coffee Maker/French Press. It is not an instant coffee. You can still use it without coffee maker, just have it boiled with enough water for about 3 to 5 mins and filter the coffee grounds with cloth or strainer.

What is the difference between colombian and classic coffee?

Both are medium roast coffee. Folgers Classic Roast is a medium-roast coffee with a rich, pure taste that is balanced and smooth, also available in decaf. 100% Colombian is a medium-roast coffee, rich and uniquely flavorful 100% Arabica coffee beans.

What nutrition facts are available for Folgers?

All Folgers products follow the Nutrition Facts labeling regulations set forth by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Under these regulations, Folgers product packaging is not required to include nutritional information, as the nutrients of coffee are considered "insignificant" if it has less than 1 gram of carbohydrates, dietary fiber, and protein per serving, if all nutrients required in Nutrition Facts can be declared as zero, and if no nutrition claims are made on the label.

How to store Folgers coffee?

To keep unopened ground coffee fresh, store it in the refrigerator with the lid tightly closed to help retain its freshness and use it before the "best by" date. 


Is Dunkin Donuts coffee ready to drink or instant coffee?

Dunkin Donuts ground coffee is not an instant coffee. It is good for brewing with use of coffee maker or french press. 

How to use without coffee maker?

You can still use it without coffee maker, just have it boiled with enough water for about 3 to 5 mins and filter the coffee grounds with cloth or strainer.


Where is Treetop made from?

Treetop is made in Taiwan. 

Is there an added sugar?

Treetop has no added sugar.

How to store Treetop juices?

12 months stored in ambient temperature. Refrigerate after opening.  Consume within 3 days after opening.

What apple is used in apple juice?

Washington apples are used in Treetop's apple juice.

Is this 100% cranberry juice?

Yes, Treetop Cranberry Juice is combined three fruit juices which contribute to make its delicious flavor: cranberry, apple and mulberry juice. 

Can it be used to treat gallstone, UTI?

Treetop's juices are 100% fruit juice and no added sugar. We highly recommend for you to consult your doctor.


What is Mom’s Haus of Mushroom product?

It is passionately baked crispy mushroom chips. Available in 4 flavors: Original, Garlic, Chili & Salted Egg

How to store opened pack of mushroom chips?

Tightly seal ziplock packaging and store in room temperature.

What is the shelf life?

Shelf life is 1 year.


Which Tabasco variant is the hottest?

Scorpion Pepper Sauce is the hottest Tabasco Product as of now with 23,000-33,000 Scoville Heat Unit.

Does your product have artificial color?

Tabasco Pepper Sauces do not contain any artificial food colorings including Sudan Red #1, 2, 3 & 4.

How to store the product?

Product is to be stored in a cool, dry area. The product can be refrigerated. The product is not to be frozen.


Where can I buy?

Tulip Chocolates is available in specialty stores/baking supply shops around GMA, Bulacan, Cavite, Laguna, Cebu, Ormoc,Bacolod, Iloilo and Cagyan De oro.

What is Cocoa Butter?

Cocoa Butter is 55% from the cacao bean. It is one of the most important ingredient in chocolate making, for aroma, taste and fluidity of chocolate which is a main component of Tulip Chocolates.

What is the difference between Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate and White Chocolate Compound?

White and Milk Chocolate are more sensitive to high temperature heating process than Dark Chocolate because it contains milk ingredients.

What is the difference between Couverture & Compound Chocolate?

Compound Chocolate: substitutes the two main ingredients found in real chocolate (cocoa powder instead of chocolate liquor and oil replacing cocoa butter). This means, for candy making, this chocolate can be melted down and dipped and will set up fine. It tastes a little different.

Couverture Chocolate: it is Real Chocolate which has cocoa butter and chocolate liquor as main ingredients. This means that it requires more attention and preparation when being melted down. It has to be tempered to set with a glossy shine, has a snap and melts in your mouth.

How to store the product?

Close pack tightly and store in a cool and dry place.
Should be stored in 18-22 degree celsius, avoid direct sunlight.
Store the product in clean, dry (relative humidity below 65%), and odourless environment.